Be Part of Something Special

Triad United Rowing


As a new sport to the Triad area you probably have many questions and I hope by browsing this website you will find most of the answers you are looking for. Should your child decide to row you are going to see an extraordinary transformation in their character as they fall in love with this sport and the friends they row with.

Beginning rowers will not only learn to row, as they progress they will also learn a great deal about themselves. In striving to learn and become a better rower they will be pushed to do their best physically and mentally. Not only will they develop physically, the rowers will realize that crew requires teamwork, concentration, dedication, perseverance and the ability to push oneself harder and further than they thought possible. As their fitness and skills grow, and they learn to move the boat as a group, the rowers will gain self assurance, confidence, discipline and leadership which will carry over into their academic and social lives. Crew can impart upon the rower an identity and lead to life-long friendships. It can be a positive influence in the rower’s life.

ENHANCE The Experience

As a parent, how can you be involved?

Both Triad United Rowing and the students need, and want, your participation in order to make this a better team and enhance your child’s crew experience.

Be sure to fill out and send in all forms and pay all fees on time. Help ensure that your child attends and is on time for all practices and regattas.

Please be on time picking up your child after practice. Schedule any appointments outside of practice time or, if this is not possible, let the coaches know in advance so they will be aware and able to adjust lineups.

Be supportive of the team and coaches, respecting their decisions with regard to boat selection and other matters regarding rowing. Volunteer to help Triad United Rowing in some capacity such as organization, car pool, regattas, etc. Volunteer to assist the coaches when the need arises, whether at practices or with boat maintenance. Participate in fundraising events. Bring any issues, questions or problems that arise directly to me at an appropriate time. Most of all encourage and support your child and cheer for them and the team at regattas.


Gene Kininmonth
Program Director