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Giving & Sponsorship

Much of what we do would not be possible without the support of people and businesses who believe in the power of sport and especially rowing. Their financial support and assistance is vital in helping our programs grow and bring our region to the international rowing stage.

Excellence in Rowing

The Boat Fund

Thank you to all of these very generous donors to the Triad United Rowing Association.

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$10,000 & Greater
Club Patrons

Dr. Lenny Peters

Bethany Medical

The Lenny Peters Foundation

Jackie & Herschel King

(Alexis & Jackie King with club founder Gene Kininmonth at the boat dedication for ‘Pair of Kings'.)

The Stewards Society: $2,500 to $4,999

Michele Krantz

Erin & Richard Sanders

Recreation Investments

Power 10 Club: $1,000 to $2,499

Mandy & Eric Greene

Sara & Edmund Nichols

Bev & Larry Snively

The Last 500 Club: $500 to $999

Allison Amick

Lynn & Richard Harvey

Kiwi Mike Hitchcock

Katherine & Steve McCusker

Jill & Todd Phelps

Lisa & Brian Thompson

Trent Capital Management

Triad United Club: $250 to $499

Boxdrop Mattress & Furniture

Kristen & Brian Bremer

Collin Greene

Tracia Loria

Palmer & James McIntyre

Holly Messick

Allison Ray

Laura Tanley

Jaree & Mel Todd

Camissa & Alan Tripp

Family Banner Club: $125 to $249

Haywood Alexander

Susan & Frank Azzarita

Shaylor Friedman

Barbara Groff

Colleen & Paul McGuire

John Akers

James Anderson

Aleksey Bakunov

Giorgia Bergamasco

Therese Blewitt

Laura & Daniel Briggs

Todd & Dana Cossick

Connie & Mark Curri

Paul Delaney

Joan Dery

Dan Dery

Katherine & Chris Dickson

Carolyn & Tom Duncan

CarolAnne Earnhardt

Jo & Gary Earnhardt

Rob & Stacey Finch

Myles Fish

Steve & Nancy Fuller

JoAnne Hahn

Sherman Harvey

Adrian Hronich

Kelly Hrycay

Judy & Sig Huitt


May Ikerd

Allie Jannetta

Alexis King

Gene Kininmonth & Amy MacArthur

Lynne Klauer

Steven Lim

Keith Lineberry

Nan Lineberry

Jerie & Dierdre McArthur

Teresa Morgan-Bews

Brent Mynatt

Brad Smart

Midge Spong

Susan Stephenson

William Thompson

Jeffrey Williams

The Handpiece Guy

Varsity Blues Club Up to $99

Anita Anderson

Cobb & Raegan Atkinson

Ivy Azzarita

Melody & Phil Barker

Sergio Bastos

Aubrey Bews

Danielle Brabson

Crystal Burlow

Tim Cook

Joseph Caraher

Julie Cascante

Joan Clodfelter

John (Jack) Clodfelter

Becky & Jim Clodfelter

Jane Critchley

Lummie Crowell

Steve Cranford

Wes Crowell

Christopher & Christina Donahue

Joshua & Nellie Dowd

Mblishka Dowd

Liz & Dave Figueroa

Kihl Gilmer

Elaine Hammer

Michele Harris

Sarah Harvey

Katie Harvey

Teresa Harvey

Kristin Hill

James Hoffman

Debra Hoffman

Kim & Bit Holton

Lorraine & John Jakubek

Steve Joyce

Lauren Katzeff

Amanda Killian

Betsy Keeton

Brenda & John Kirby

Alice & David Landry

John & Lillian Lux

Linda & Jeffrey Millikan

Alison Lawson

Christina McCary/Harwell

Afeefah Monsanto

Katharine Rhinehart

Tom Szott II

Jason Thomas

Pam Wheeler

Roxane Williot

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