Winter Erg Rowing for Adults in Jamestown

Winter Erg Rowing for Adults in Jamestown

Indoor rowing is taking off across the country. Whether your goals are to get in shape or stay in shape, indoor rowing will help you get there. It is a low-impact way to give yourself a full-body workout.

And now the sport is once again available with instruction for adults in the Triad this Winter by High Point Rowing Club. The sessions are led by the club’s Masters Coach, Mandy Greene.

Rowing Club founder Gene Kininmonth says the indoor rowing machine, or ‘erg’ as it is more fondly known as by those in the sport, is still probably the most unloved exercise machine in the typical gym. “And yet when you are rowing in a group environment it is likely the most fun way to work out.”

Science has shown that social connection adds to endorphin release.

“You get in the erg room and from there Mandy Greene takes you through your concierge workout. Some sessions feel better than therapy.”

Kininmonth says everyone does the same workout but at their own intensity level. “When you hear the rowers around you cheering each other and their own progress you feel the energy levels go up in the room and this incredible endorphin rush.”

Recent studies show that erging improves mental as well as physical health, and helps to combat negative emotions.

“But so many people feel they are just not even in good enough shape to even push themselves enough to receive these benefits,” explains Kininmonth. “They have to stop and then the opposite happens. They feel like they are failing and negativity creeps in, which is the opposite of what you want. When you are rowing you are sitting down. Your body weight is supported and you can go for longer periods of time without a break and that gets you to the point of endorphin release.”

Indoor rowing takes no special innate talent to do well. It is as simple as riding a stationary bike but significantly more comfortable. No experience is necessary and beginners will be guided through the correct rowing technique in the first lesson.

Adults can take an introductory class for $15 during any of the regularly schedule adult ‘Masters’ sessions at High Point Rowing Club’s Indoor Rowing Studio at 124C Wade Street in the Warehouse District in Jamestown.