Lots of Fall Youth Rowing Details!

Lots of Fall Youth Rowing Details!

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Use the above link if your child has a strong all round athletic history in another sport and is interested in rowing. We will waive rowing fees for athletes who we believe are good enough to be recruited to row in college. 


Is Your Child an Outlier?

In the South, kids grow up with a ball – not an oar. 

So, those who show up at the lake to try rowing are the outliers.

In statistics, an outlier is a data point that differs significantly from other observations. They cause serious problems for statisticians who will go to great lengths to exclude them. But at our rowing club, the outliers are the Holy Grail. 

Rowers are thinkers. We are even pretty nerdy and we relish that because on our team, being a nerd is prized.

Rowers have likely never been very special at other sports. But there is something enduring about our desire to be on a team that somehow led us to find this rowing club. Rowers are not the most coordinated or the fastest or strongest. But rowing will improve all these elements in a person.

Triad United has developed some pretty amazing rowers since we started. In 2021 our rowers finished 10th in the U19 category at the USRowing National Championships in Sarasota, Florida. This year we hope to return to Nationals to win medals in the U15 & U16 age groups as well. 

Recent alums have gone on to be captains of the women’s rowing programs at Clemson and Louisville, and others have earned scholarships at Syracuse, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Drake, and Navy. They have made the rowing squad at local UNC Chapel Hill and as far south as the University of Alabama.

You might think with such success, that getting recruited to row in college is the end goal on our team. Far from it. 

Most of our graduates won’t row for a Division I collegiate program. But 100% of them will graduate, go on to college, and continue to be incredible citizens of the world.

Just look at last year’s graduating class:

The Triad United Rowing Class of 2021

UNC Chapel Hill – Kate Messick

UNC Chapel Hill – Grace Denenny

UNC Chapel Hill – Ella Nichols

UNC Chapel Hill – Jamie Atkinson

UNC Chapel Hill – Michael Brown

Duke – Sarvesh Venkittu

NC State – Charlotte Curri

Rhodes – Holly Spong

Alabama – Reagan Labiak

UNCG – Owen McArthur

James Madison University – Aydin Hall

GTCC – Blake Lawson

This is a graduating class any high school would dream of having!

Here’s one reason why our rowers do so well: when college admissions officers look at applications and see a student is a rower they are not immediately thinking “Our school needs rowers!” They are thinking this is a student with great grades, who is participating in a serious extra curricular activity, which directly correlates with successful academic outcomes at the college level. 

Because there’s a dirty little secret many Universities don’t want you to know about their graduation rates. When you look under the hood at many universities it is astounding that after six years up to 50% of the class still hasn’t completed their undergraduate degree. 

Fortunately, these Universities also know high school rowers are outliers and they are going to complete their degree in 4 years. Statistics bear this out year after year.

Is your child an outlier? 

Inquiries about the program to Coach Gene Kininmonth, email contact@triadunitedrowing.com.

The team rows at Oak Hollow Lake:

HIGH POINT: 3700 Waterview Road (see the boats on the RHS of the parking lot)

Charles Richards (left) started rowing on Oak Hollow Lake as a middle school rower. He heads to Harvard University this Fall where he has been recruited to row.